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    In Huntsville, Alabama, the subject of tree topping is a hot topic. This tree service is designed to control the height of a tree, much like Bonsai pruning. There are many reasons to forego tree topping; however, in the hands of All Star Tree Services’ certified arborist and certified tree surgeon, this practice will be performed safely, efficiently and with minimal risks to the tree.

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    Originally a cotton-producing town, the Watercress Capital is now a high-tech city with many international businesses. Tourists flock to the city to participate in open-to-the-public astronaut training activities at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center. Tree topping is a practice that maintains the beauty of the city for residents and tourists alike.

    Tree Topping Procedure


    Some consider tree topping to be a type of tree pruning. Tree doctors cut the branches back to a lateral branch, which is one that grows from the side of a scaffold branch. This term refers to branches that sprout directly from the tree trunk. The process allows new growths to spurt and replenish the tree. Rounded trees require this type of pruning, according to the Washington State University. It is important to leave a lateral branch, from where more terminal sprouts will bud.

    Tree topping takes great knowledge to avoid causing irreversible damage to the tree. All Star Tree Services is backed by 25 years of experience. We will expertly top your tree to upkeep the beautiful landscape of your yard.


    Cutting the tree back to its scaffold branches can be dangerous to the tree. Threats include not leaving enough coverage to protect the tree from the sun’s rays. Cutting too far back or taking too much off the top will result in weak terminal sprouts growing from thick branches. Most homeowners wish to avoid this consequence for aesthetic reasons.

    Topping As a Necessity

    Some green groups call the following list excuses; however, arborists recognize them as legitimate reasons to top a tree. Tree topping services may be necessary for trees that are growing into power lines, trees that are top-heavy and trees that protrude to the point of weighing down branches of neighboring trees. Electrical safety is of utmost importance to All Star Tree Services, the power company and homeowners.

    Huntsville, AL, is a beautiful city whose residents wish to uphold the aesthetic appeal of the urban forests. Are you unsure if tree topping will benefit your yard, your family and your tree? Contact our Huntsville AL tree removal office at All Star Tree Service for an experienced-backed consultation. We protect tree health while providing professional tree-topping services.