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    Monte Sano State Park in Huntsville, Alabama is home to more than 2,000 acres of the city’s parkland. This large area of land contributes significantly to the Watercress Capital’s urban forests. The park must be closely monitored for pests and infestations as must the other trees and shrubs that create this man-made forest.

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    Homeowners should also examine yard trees for pests. Locally owned and operated All Star Tree Services provides tree spraying pest control, which can prevent future infestations and eliminate current insects.

    Tree Spraying Services


    Tree and shrub spraying is the most common treatment to rid the plant of insects and disease-spreading pests, according to National Arborists. Our certified arborist will evaluate the type of pest as well as the tree’s species, size and overall health. With this information, pest control sprays can be tailored to your lawn and landscape.


    Depending on the need of a particular tree, professional tree care technicians will bring a variety of sprayers and amounts of chemicals. Sometimes equipment no larger than a backpack is required. For other jobs, tree surgeons may bring a 1,000-gallon tank.

    Thousand Cankers Disease

    Alabama can no longer claim home to the American chestnut tree, which has become extinct. The state has seen a rapid decline in ash trees. Urban elm and butternut trees are very close to extinction.

    Recently, Huntsville and other urban forested lands have had to worry about thousand cankers disease, which infects black walnut trees. This disease causes cankers throughout the tree bark and cuts off the tree’s nutrient supply. Originating in Colorado, this infection is a combination of the walnut twig beetle and an unknown fungus. Certified arborists recommend preventative pest control as the disease’s mortality rate is nearly 100 percent.

    All Star Tree Service in Huntsville, AL provides a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We will restore the health of the plants in your yard using tree and shrub spraying services. We also provide stump grinding in Huntsville, and preventative treatment to retain the beauty and health of your landscape. Contact our office today for a professional consultation.