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    Huntsville, Alabama, was founded in 1805 when first settler John Hunt built his cabin alongside Big Spring, the city’s original water source, according to the City of Huntsville. The city’s founder does not hold the title of the “Father of Huntsville.” This name is reserved for Leroy Pope, who bought the land for $23.00 per acre.

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    Purchase made, residents required tree removal to build homes, schools, churches and government buildings. Today, urban forest tree removal is a service requested to handle dead or poorly-placed trees. All Star Tree Services is certified with the State Agricultural Department. We proudly serve the tree needs of the residents of Huntsville, AL, and surrounding areas. Especially during tree removal, safety and customer-satisfaction top our list of concerns.

    Reasons for Tree Removal

    huntsville al tree removal

    Although tree-removal services are associated with new construction projects, individual homeowners also require tree extraction. Undesirable species are often removed for aesthetic reasons or easier lawn care. Frequent breakage and large amounts of debris categorize trees as unwelcome. These species include black locust, mulberry, poplar and willow.

    Damage and death can be criteria for tree removal. Unearthing the tree before fungi, disease or decay spread increases the chances of maintaining the health of other trees and shrubs in the yard. Consulting our tree service company today will allow our certified arborist the chance to ascertain which damaged trees pose a potential safety risk. Tree removal may be necessary to maintain the well-being of family members, neighbors and personal property.


    There are many factors that contribute to a tree removal or Huntsville tree trimming price quote. Using our 25 years of experience, All Star Tree Services will evaluate the tree’s location in relation to various potential hazards, including proximity to power lines. Ease-of-access and safety are two of our chief concerns. The size of the tree will also contribute to the quote.

    For instance, trees ranging up to 30 feet high will generally be priced lower than removal services for a tree standing between 30 and 70 feet. However, the position of the tree will also be taken into an account; removal of a 25 foot tree positioned in a tough-to-reach location would be priced higher than a 25 foot tree standing out in the open.

    All Star Tree Services in Huntsville, AL, never collects until the job is complete. When the tree is safely removed from your yard, we will accept payment for services rendered. Whether for beauty or safety, call our office for a tree removal consultation.