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    Huntsville, Alabama, is home to 64 public parks, spanning 3,202 acres, according to the City of Huntsville. These areas of land support many trees that contribute to the urban forests. Trees that line the 175 miles of bicycle pathways to the trees that offer shade for a backyard picnic help the city’s ecosystem by providing clean air and fish and wildlife habitats. For health, aesthetic and safety reasons, tree branches will eventually require pruning. All Star Tree Services is dedicated to producing high-quality work and 100%-satisfaction-guaranteed results.

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    Tree Stress


    A tree under stress is not a good candidate for tree pruning services. Although insects, pests and critters will put strain on a tree, the most dangerous threat is the homeowner. Over watering, over fertilization and root lesions caused by lawnmowers or weed whackers elevate a tree’s stress level. Our certified tree surgeon will evaluate tree stress and recommend a time for pruning when the service will not harm the tree.


    Tree pruning can be a do-it-yourself project for homeowners. Ornamental trees, which typically stand 12 to 25 feet tall, are good candidates for a first-time tree pruner. Cherry, magnolia and Japanese maple trees are included in the small-tree category. For towering pines or other trees that require a ladder and chainsaw for pruning services, All Star Tree Services offers precision tree care and professional maintenance.

    Vista Pruning

    A vista is a pleasing view through a natural tunnel. Vista pruning uses this concept to open a porthole through dense tree branches. A common situation requiring vista pruning is a tree that has grown so large that it blocks the original view from the window of a home. After vista pruning services, homeowners can gaze at the moon through a wreath of healthy green foliage.

    All Star Tree Services in Huntsville, AL, provides an exact-price quote prior to service. Our fees will not change when we step into your yard. We prune dead branches and maintain pleasing shapes of the healthy trees to add to the aesthetics of your landscape. Contact our office today for a professional consultation.