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    Huntsville, Alabama, attributes its growth to the cotton industry. The land produced 1,000 pounds of cotton per acre. Plant health was important to plantation owners and their efforts to industrialize the city. In the 1940s, the Huntsville Arsenal and the Redstone Plant were built upon 40,000 acres of cotton fields.

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    As the city developed further, urban forests were created. The trees lining neighborhood streets and decorating backyards require as much dedication to plant and tree health care as the fields of cotton plants did. All Star Tree Services employs a certified tree surgeon who is backed by 25 years of experience. Together we will evaluate tree health, reduce tree stress and provide preventative measures.

    Tree Stress


    Poor tree health can cause tree stress, which can prevent the completion of certain tree services. Pruning can elevate the significance of pests and diseases by putting more strain on the tree. Infestations will contribute to tree stress, and, left untreated, can spread to other trees in the urban forest or cause the death of the host tree.

    Humans must be careful when tending to yard trees. Uneducated care, including under or over watering and over fertilization, raise tree stress levels. Homeowners should be careful with lawnmower blades. A tiny knick to the tree roots may result in fungi and decay. When our certified arborist determines that a tree is up for the challenge, All Star Tree Services will professionally prune and apply insecticides or pesticides as needed.

    Cold and Chills

    In January, the coldest month in Huntsville, AL, residents may need to be concerned with frost. The lowest recorded temperature was -17° Fahrenheit in 1895, according to The Weather Channel. In 1898, Big Spring, the city’s original water source, froze over. Today, before temperatures drop too low, homeowners should wrap lawn trees in blankets. Particularly important for young trees, tree blankets will help prevent cold from penetrating the bark. Burlap strips secured with twine are another way to combat chilly temperatures.

    Natural Enemies

    Tree health can be impacted by insect infestation, and thus would need Huntsville AL tree spraying services. However, not all insects are harmful. Some pests eat the creepy-crawlys that pose health threats. Pesticides and insecticides can be sprayed or applied to reduce the pest population. Extra care, such as a nutrient-rich fertilizer, may be required to reverse damage. On occasion, a tree doctor will recommend limb removal for branches that have died or are beyond repair.

    All Star Tree Services, a member of the Better Business Bureau in Huntsville, AL, is proud to take all measures to save trees in declining health. We will work with you to restore health to your trees, recommending removal only when absolutely necessary. Contact our office today for satisfaction-guaranteed consultation.