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Tips for Building the Treehouse of Your Dreams

Tips for Building the Treehouse of Your Dreams

It’s the envy of all children – that perfect home away from home: the tree house.

A great treehouse can be the site of many childhood memories, and is sure to make your child one of the most popular kids on the block.

However, a bad treehouse can make you the talk of the block in a bad way at best. And have you in the emergency room at worst.

If you want to build a treehouse in time for summer, it is crucial that you start thinking about it soon. But before you grab that hammer and nails, there are quite a few things you should consider before making any plans.

Here are five tips to think about before you promise anything to your children:

  1. Use the best possible tree you have. Considering calling a tree risk assessment team like ours to have you check the overall health of the tree to make sure it is going to last for years. We can even help you pick a tree that will work not only from a tree standard, but from an overall safety standard.
  2. Asses how much weight your tree can take. Another thing an arborist can help you with, HGTV Gardens suggests making your treehouse be able to handle at least five times the weight of your child, if not a lot more. It will be worth it to use additional supports, especially if your neighborhood is full of kids.
  3. Ask around your township controller. Make sure you are within the square-footer codes for your area. Make sure you aren’t doing anything against the law! You might even need a permit before you start building the actual tree house. Some townships require things like removable ladders, so do the research.
  4. Use the best materials. The DIY Network stresses the importance of using treehouse hardware or even a kit to make construction easier, safer, and longer lasting. Make sure you go to your local hardware stores for the supplies, and be prepared to spend a little more money for safety. Your kids are worth it.
  5. Be wary of furniture. Furniture not only has to last the elements, but it also has to last transportation and constant use. Think about it: do you really want to carry a super heavy sofa up the steps? Blow up furniture will be easier, cheaper, and can easily be replaced every year. Also consider using throw pillows and a rug for an easier hideout.

Still need inspiration in this planning process? Check out this video from HGTV for the best treehouse design or take a look through this long list of DIY designs.


No matter what, the safety of your children should be most important when it comes to the treehouse. If you have any question about tree health before you begin, give our Huntsville, Alabama tree service a call!

Photo Source: Karen Roe on Flickr!


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