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    Throughout Huntsville, Alabama are 3,203 acres of parkland. The trees that shade the 175 miles of bicycle pathways and the trees in individual yards make up the city’s urban forests. Although certified arborists will always vote to save a tree, there are times, such as tree death, damage and undesirable species, when tree removal is necessary.

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    After a tree has been taken down, unsightly stumps and mazes of roots are left behind. All Star Tree Services is dedicated to maintaining the beauty of home landscapes and Huntsville’s 64 public parks.

    Methods of Stump Removal


    There are several ways to perform stump and root removal. The most popular method involves a several-thousand-pound machine. The stump grinder eats away at the offending stumps and roots.

    Digging the stump from the ground is a second option to achieve a more pleasing landscape. Small, shallow-rooted trees are the easiest to uproot with a shovel. Deep-rooted trees, such as oak trees, will require a stump grinder or chemicals.

    Root removal chemicals are designed to hasten stump decay. This method may take weeks or months to fully remove the stump. The timeframe will also depend upon the size of the stump, the width of the roots and the substance used.

    Although not as common as it was 150 years ago, some homeowners still elect to burn away leftover stumps and roots.


    Expect the cost of stump grinding services to increase with the size of the stump. An average stump, approximately 24 inches in diameter, will cost between $90 and $150 to remove. Additional fees will be charged for root removal services.

    Root Removal Cautions

    Tree roots typically reach a maximum depth of 18 inches. Roots rise to the surface when the tree is in need of moisture and oxygen, according to Hearst Communications. Homeowners should use caution when removing roots without removing the tree. Loss of its roots will leave a tree unstable. The open wounds on the roots make the living tree susceptible to disease, fungi and decay. These dangerous possibilities may lead to tree death.

    There are times when it is necessary to remove roots, such as a surface root that has become a tripping hazard or one that has buckled the sidewalk. It is important to cut and grind as farm from the trunk as possible.

    Whether hazardous, leftover or unsightly, All Star Tree Services will professionally and precisely remove tree stumps and roots. Whether you need stump grinding or simple firewood deliveries, contact our office in Huntsville, AL, for a consultation and guaranteed customer satisfaction.