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Recycling Your Christmas Tree

Recycling Your Christmas Tree

One of the biggest problems with getting a real Christmas tree is that you are just spending upwards of $100 in some cases, only to through it away after a month of use. Some people who want to buy real trees, buy a living one and plant it again later. Others will buy a real tree, but purchase a sapling and plant it somewhere on their property. Still, many avoid using real trees altogether and use artificial trees.

For many though, nothing really replaces the sight and smell of a real Christmas tree, so here are some ways to recycle your tree so that you don’t have to feel quite as guilty.

Use Your Local Recycling Center

Most townships have a place where you can drop your tree off so that it can be composted or recycled for other purposes. Some townships will even pick your tree up if you put it at a certain place! Check your local newspaper or your township’s website for more information. It might even be worth it to drive fifteen minutes out of your way and drop it in another town’s drop off.

Some organizations will use it for some of the other options suggested here. The Real Christmas Trees organization says that most places will take up to two trees from a single family per year.

Make Your Own Evergreen Mulch

If you have the access to a wood chipper, you can make your own garden mulch that will come in handy. Use a saw to cut the tree into smaller pieces that will safely fit into the chipper. Then, use the resulting wood chips around your plants, in the compost bin, or to make pathways throughout your yard.

Arbor Day explains why mulch is beneficial for your garden, as it can regulate soil temperature and protect plants when everything gets a little colder. It can even keep those pesky weeds away!

Create Your Own Bird Habitat

If you have room in your backyard, and some extra time to sit and enjoy wildlife, Christmas trees make great bird habitats. Remove the decorations, and make sure no tinsel, candy, tape, or hooks remain before putting it outside, as this can harm the animals.

Secure the tree using a stand you no longer use or through stakes and twine. Provide the birds with food by making bird feeders, using suet holders, or hanging strings of popcorn. That will attract them to the tree.

Create a Fish Habitat

If you have a pond, or you live near a water source, you can use small pieces of your tree on the bottom to create places for fish to hide. You may want to call your state’s Department of Natural Resources to see if you can, or if they have a place where trees are needed badly.

Once again, make sure you remove all of the decorations before placing the tree in the water. It is especially important because you don’t want to contaminate the water with chemicals from plastics or tinsel.

Decorate Your House with Wreaths and Garlands

Don’t let the sights and smells of the season end just because the month of December ends. Cut off the branches and use them to make winter wreaths or garlands to decorate your home for a winter feel. You can add scented pine cones, flower picks, or even glitter to complement the greenery.

No matter what you do, make sure that your tree’s life continues on in any way possible. If you have any questions about where to take your tree, how to get it mulched, or even how to best plant your own tree for sustainability, please contact All Star Tree Service!

 Photo Source: Dennis Hill on Flickr

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