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Tree Service Harvest, AL

If you are in need of tree service in Harvest, AL, you can count on the team at All Star Tree Service to provide you with quality service. Our trained and experienced team members are knowledgeable about trees and offer all types of tree services including tree trimming, storm cleanup, stump grinding, and more.

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Harvest, AL is a quaint and small town located in Madison County. The city experienced a hectic year in 1974 as a couple F5 tornadoes struck the area. Since then, the city has experienced tornado outbreaks almost regularly.

The economy within Harvest, AL relies heavily within construction, specifically residential. 2003 was a big year for the city when 650 new homes were built in the area. The city does experience a rainy season that can be littered with tornadoes, which means storm damage.

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    Tree Removal

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    At All Star Tree Service, we know it can be difficult to transform your backyard into the luxurious spot you want it to be when you have too many trees on your property. To combat this problem, we offer tree removal services to get your unwanted trees out of the way.

    Our expert tree removal specialists will come out to your home and determine the best way to remove the trees from your yard. If you are interested in our tree service in Harvest, AL, please call us today for a free quote.

    Tree Trimming and Pruning

    When a tree is not trimmed, it grows out of control and when you try to look out of your home’s window, you may only see a bunch of leaves and branches. All Star Tree Service offers what is called vista pruning.

    Vista pruning is a form of trimming and pruning that will allow you to see through your tree’s branches once again. Sunlight will be allowed to shine onto your property and you will have a clear view of the sky.

    Storm Damage Cleanup

    When storms strike, they leave a mess behind and many homeowners are not ready to deal with the damage. Instead of spending days cleaning up your yard, you can place your trust in All Star Tree Service.

    We specialize in all hazardous and non-hazardous storm damage cleanup around your home and property. Our trained team will remove all tree debris including branches, leaves, and even fallen trees in a safe and timely manner.

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    Stump Grinding

    Did you know? When you have a tree removed from your yard, it is not fully removed until the stump and roots are taken out of the ground. That is right. Some of the tree still remains. Quite sneaky, huh?

    At All Star Tree Service, we provide quality stump removal and stump grinding services to get rid of those pesky roots and stump from your yard. If you are interested in having a stump removed, please call our office to get a free estimate now.

    Tree Health Care

    Did you know that your tree can develop diseases and experience stress? Many homeowners do not know this and it leads to the death of their tree.

    If you have a tree or multiple trees on your property, call All Star Tree Service today. We have a certified tree surgeon on staff who can look at your tree and diagnose any diseases it may have. Our surgeon will work with you to treat the tree and restore its health.

    All Star Tree Service Is Ready to Help You

    When you are searching for a quality company to perform the tree services you need, call no one else than All Star Tree Service. All of our tree pruning services are done according to the ANSI A300 standards and all of our arborists are certified.

    We are licensed and insured for your protection. Each one of our tree climbers is experienced in the latest ways to climb and the best practices to use, so that your home and property is always protected.

    In addition to the above services listed, we also offer quality tree topping, tree spraying, and more. Give us a call today to schedule your free estimate.