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Where to Get Your Taxes Done in Huntsville

Where to Get Your Taxes Done in Huntsville

It’s that time of the year – the time when we all look forward to getting our tax returns, but we all dread actually going to get our taxes done. Most people believe it is painful to get their taxes done, you have to wait forever for your returns, and your tax preparer has to be bored and grumpy.

That isn’t the case. In Huntsville, tax preparers look forward to this time of the year and love to make it simple for you. In fact, their main goal is to get you as much money as possible and to get you in and out quickly while still doing a great job on your taxes.

Here are some of the best local Huntsville tax preparers that will get you the best possible returns this year:

1. Profit Wise Accounting, Tax, and Marketing

Credit: Sharon Heinz

Profit Wise Accounting, Tax, and Marketing is a fantastic small company that does individual taxes as well as small business taxes. They can even do both at the same time. With Sharon Heinz, you are in good hands.

This company is dedicated to making the tax process easy and hassle free, they build strong relationships with their clients so that they return over and over again. Building that relationship is important so that you have someone who knows, understands, and tracks your taxes.

They work quickly and easily to minimize tax liability, build your wealth, and can even help you to plan for the future, whether that means buying a vacation home, sending your children to college, or just having a great retirement.


In a hurry? CDPA is a local company that will help you determine what you need and what you can get. While

Credit: CDPA

preparing your taxes yourself is easy, CDPA offers a “check over” option so that they can make sure you get as much back as possible. To do this, they will use their skills and computers that closely checks the math and possibilities.

They can then file your tax return electronically so that you can get a refund back that much more quickly. Even better, then can adjust your payroll withholding so that you can get more back at tax time or you can get more throughout the year, your choice.

Whether you are a small business or you are just looking to get your individual taxes done, you can go to their website and schedule your appointment.

3. Mason, Bearden, and Diehl

Credit: MB&D

Whether you are a new business, an old business, or an individual, Mason, Bearden, and Diehl can help you with your tax preparation this year. Their system allows you to work with anything, from bonds and stocks to rental properties to itemized deductions.

Taxes can be tricky, and you need professionals when you have something that is out of the ordinary.

Not only that, but they can help you with the creation of a new business, retirement planning, or investment options that are confusing you. If you have anything that you question about money, you will be in the best hands with this well-respected company.

4. Madison Tax and Accounting

Madison Tax & Accounting Services is another option for all of your tax needs in the Huntsville, Alabama area. They

Credit: Madison Accounting

offer many different tax prep services, including accounting, tax prep, payroll, tax planning, and QuickBooks services.

Their current clients include “individuals, business owners, executives, and independent professionals.” Their clients love them because they are friendly, efficient, and extremely open about what they can do. This professional team combines their experience and expertise with energy and a willingness to put in the work for you.

As an added bonus, they offer a free consultation.

5. Blevins Tax and Accounting

Credit: Blevins

Blevins Tax & Accounting, LLC, a Huntsville, AL company, is a small firm that offers some of the most personalized offerings for taxes, accounting, and payroll that you can find. Their team uses the newest technology, the best innovations, and some of the best minds in the industry to get you the most out of your tax returns.

If your taxes are a little complicated and need someone that has a keen eye, you should look no further than Blevins. Their team is one of the top teams in the area because they have the skills and the energy to accomplish amazing things. They leave no stone unturned when it comes to preparing your tax returns.

6. LeCroy CPA Group

LeCroy CPA Group “offers a wide range of accounting & tax services to individual and business clients in and around

Credit: LeCroy

the Huntsville, AL area. We provide prompt, personalized, quality service to clients in medical, consulting, construction, retail, non-profit, real estate and other businesses.”

Some of the services they offer include tax planning and preparation that will get you the maximum return, IRS representation if you have found yourself in trouble with the state and federal tax agencies, payroll services for your business, sales tax services, and estate tax preparation.

They really do offer a wide variety of services, so if there is something you need that you don’t see on their website, you can give them a call.

7. Thomas W. Ward, SRTP

Credit: Images Money on Flickr

If you ask people who have lived in Huntsville for a long time who they get to prepare their taxes, you might get the same name: Thomas W. Ward, SRTP. Thomas W. Ward helps with tax prep for individuals and small businesses in a timely manner.

If you don’t have a lot of time to spend on your taxes, this is where you want to go. He works from his home, but don’t let that fool you, this is one of the highest quality individuals to work with tax returns in the entire area.

Note that since he is only one person, you will have to call in advance to schedule an appointment, but the wait will be worth it.

8. Tax Corps LLC

If you are self-employed, one of the best companies you can reach out to is Tax Corps LLC. Preparing your taxes

Credit: Tax Corps LLC

when you are self-employed is extremely difficult and you are likely to make a lot of mistakes. Whether you don’t pay enough in or you don’t claim enough, you almost have to go through a tax preparation service.

Of course, this company also works with individual and business returns. They even have a special for students who need their taxes done. Just look through their website and you can see all of the different plans – you can even start ahead of time by filling out information.

With over 10 years of IRS experience and a client-centered approach, this is a great company in Huntsville for tax preparations.

Put That Tax Return to Good Use

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