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    Home to the largest collection of pre-Civil War homes, Huntsville, Alabama residents still enjoy a fire on a cold winter’s night as they have for centuries. The city’s fireplaces and outdoor fire pits need stacks of firewood reserves. Not only does All Star Tree Services deliver firewood to homeowners, we also provide knowledgeable consultations backed by 25 years of experience. We can advise the best type of wood to burn depending upon location. We will also estimate how much wood is needed to supply your winter, fire-burning needs.

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    Terminology is important when referring to firewood. The term green refers to cut logs that have not been seasoned or kiln dried. Attempting to burn green wood produces large quantities of smoke, which is undesirable, especially indoors. Also expect a fair amount of hissing as the wood burns.

    Prior to burning, wood is usually kiln dried or seasoned. Firewood that has already been split is brought to more than 200 degrees. This process reduces moisture in the log and kills insect inhabitants. The wood is baked at this temperature for several days.

    Wood is cut and split prior to seasoning as well. After being left a victim of Mother Nature for nine months or longer, the moisture content of seasoned firewood is less than 20 percent.


    Most often, firewood is sold in a unit called a cord, which is 128 cubic feet of firewood. The bunch of wood measures four feet by four feet by eight feet. Homeowners also purchase wood in other measurements, including a half cord, face cord and quarter cord. These are ½, 1/3 and ¼ cords respectively. Residents may purchase smaller amounts of firewood, including the “gas station bundle,” which measures 75 cubic feet.

    Best Firewood Choices

    Each species of tree produces firewood that burns at different rates and temperatures. Kiln drying and seasoning also play a role in how cleanly the firewood will burn and how easy it will be to ignite. states that “even the lowly, snapping white pine logs, if dry, will burn circles around the best oak firewood.” When properly seasoned for two years, oak becomes a very hot-burning wood. Great for campfires, this type of wood will leave behind smoldering coals for days. This dense wood can prove difficult to light.

    Easy-start woods include birch, a smokeless, spark-free wood, and pines, which split easily.

    Whether you’re preparing to go camping or planning a romantic fire-lit night in, All Star Tree Services of Huntsville, AL, is ready to service your firewood and tree topping needs. We provide timely firewood delivery of quality, treated wood.