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7 Best Places to Buy Outdoor Furniture (Sit in the Shade of a Great Tree)

7 Best Places to Buy Outdoor Furniture (Sit in the Shade of a Great Tree)

You take a lot of time to manicure your yard, plant trees, and create a space where you can really just settle into nature. While you were fine with sitting in the grass – or at most, having a towel – when you were a child, but that doesn’t cut it when the ground seems a lot lower than it used to be. You’ve probably also graduated from folding lawn chairs that don’t do a lot for your back and feel like they are going to break at any moment.

When you have a yard that you want to spend time in, you need furniture that you want to sit in, eat at, and show off to all of your friends. In Huntsville, AL, these are the places to look for your next set of outdoor furniture:

1. Johnson Pools & Spas

Credit: Johnsons

Credit: Johnson

Johnson Pools & Spas is a great option for anyone who wants to really live in their furniture. They have a wide selection of tables and chairs made up of materials that can stand the test of time against weather, chlorine, sunshine, and lots of neighborhood gatherings.

You can choose from wrought iron, wicker, aluminum, cast aluminum, and teak. They will be able to suggest what will work best for your yard and what you want to use them for. You can even mix and match!


2. Brooks and Collier

Credit: Brooks and Collier

Credit: Brooks and Collier

Located in Five Points, Brooks and Collier has been a mainstay for Huntsville yards since 1946. They have fitted

yards for so long because they don’t only carry uncomfortable, hard furniture. Instead, they use waterproof fabrics to create cushioned, luxurious seats.

Some of the other types of furniture and decor that they carry includes fire pits, grills, benches, and artwork. However, at the bottom of it all, they still want to help customers find exactly what they need. According to their website,

“We are still a family operation who cares deeply about our customers. We sell quality furniture, gifts, indoor and outdoor decor at a reasonable price. We have also designed the store to present our merchandise in the most pleasing way, so that shopping our store, we want you to feel you can see it in your own home.”

3. Across the Pond

Credit: Across the Pond

Credit: Across the Pond

The motto of Across the Pond is “Think Outside” and that is what their store will have you doing. They have a large variety of items, ranging from outdoor pet supplies to outdoor furniture. However, don’t think that outdoor furniture is just something they threw in the store. Instead, they take great care in finding and suggesting the very best.

Across the Pond is a great resource for people who are a little older and want secure, sturdy, and safe furniture. Sometimes outdoor furniture can be hard to get into or out of, or it just doesn’t hold everyone. If you are struggling to find the right fit, this might be a great place to check out. With two locations, one in Huntsville and one in Florence, you’ll have your choice when you go.

4. Billiards and Barstools Gallery

Great patio furniture might be in one of the last places you’d expect: Billiards and Barstools Gallery.  One of the more

Credit: Billiards and Barstools

Credit: Billiards and Barstools

iconic pieces of furniture that they have is the Adirondack chair, which is available in a wide variety of colors. Adirondack chairs are great for a few different reasons – they are comfortable, they are sturdy, they move easily, they are long lasting, and they are extremely easy to clean.

The Adirondack chairs at Billiards and Barstools are Amish made, which means that they are extremely high quality. Whatever color you choose, they won’t fade in the sunlight. In fact, they have a 10-20 year warranty on their furniture which guarantees you that your purchase will not fade more than 3-5% over 10-20 years.

5. Jeff’s Swings & Things

Credit: Jeff's

Credit: Jeff’s

There is nothing more classic than a beautiful swing in your yard or on your front porch. However, they can also go wrong if you don’t buy them from a reputable source. At Jeff’s Swings and Things, you can even get a customized bed swing that looks really comfortable. Their customer service is great because they will suggest swings for you and then help you understand how to install them.

The best part, however, is that each of these swings is personalized and built by hand – there aren’t any factories or manufacturers involved. Instead, Jeff builds them on his own according to what you need.

There is a reason that many shows have those touching moments that occur on outdoor swings – they are simply a great place to relax, restore, and rejuvenate yourself and your relationships.

6. Summer Classics

Outdoor furniture doesn’t have to be brightly colored, plastic, or cheap looking. At Summer Classics, you will find a

Credit: Summer Classics

Credit: Summer Classics

different grade of outdoor furniture that might change your mind about it. All of their furniture is extremely luxurious and made of high quality resin wicker, cast aluminum, wrought aluminum, teak, or wrought iron.

You can buy individual pieces or sets, and you can even break up sets, which a lot of stores don’t allow you to do. Their designs are innovative and beautiful, so you definitely might want to set a few hours aside so that you can try everything out.

Summer Classics is high quality because they want to eliminate waste. In creating furniture that can last generations, you are investing in the environment and familial memories.

7. Jimmy’s Furniture Outlet

Credit: Jimmy's

Credit: Jimmy’s

If you are on a budget, there is no place better than Jimmy’s Furniture Outlet, located in Athens. They have an ever changing selection of furniture that won’t break the bank, but will also still look great and last a while. While you can never really tell what will be there at any given time, there is always a ton to choose from.

If you are interested in bare wood furniture that you can paint yourself, this might be your best option. You can also do some of your indoor shopping here, as they have some great indoor furniture as well.

Keep Your Yard Looking Great in Huntsville

When you are sitting on your outdoor furniture, you don’t want to look out at a yard with dying, patchy, uprooted, or stunted trees. Instead, you should aim to look at trees that are green, healthy, hearty, and safe. At All Star Tree Service, we help make your yard something that you actually want to spend time in.

Give us a call today at 256-513-6277 or drop us a line – whether you want us to work with the trees you have or help you to clear a space for that brand new patio set.

Header photo courtesy of David Joyce on Flickr!


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