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Tree Service in Athens, AL may not be hard to come by, but you will find it difficult to find a company that actually cares about the health of your trees and customer satisfaction. All Star Tree Service is different from the rest and we provide top notch tree services including pruning, health care, and even stump grinding.

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Athens, AL is a city that has about 21,800 people and is located within Limestone County. There is no shortage of history for this city and it starts with the city being founded in 1818 and then being names after the ancient Greek city of Athens.

Athens experiences cool winters with humid, hot summers taking over. The average high in the summer months reaches into the 90 degree Fahrenheit range. Rainfall in the area is above average, which means more storms can lead to more tree debris in your yard.

If you are in need of great tree service in Athens, AL, trust the professional team at All Star Tree Service. Give us a call today for a free estimate.

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    Tree Removal

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    If you have an infected or dying tree in your yard, you may need to have it removed to prevent the disease from spreading to other plants and trees in your yard. Unfortunately, not all trees can be saved, but it is important to save the ones that you still can.

    If you need to have a tree evaluated for death or disease, contact All Star Tree Service today. We will provide you with a free estimate for all of our services.

    Tree Trimming and Pruning

    A tree full of leaves and branches can pose a risk to your home, especially if the larger branches begin to break. In fact, too many leaves on your tree means that you may not be able to enjoy the sunlight in your yard.

    The team at All Star Tree Service is ready and able to provide quality trimming services to ensure you fall in love with the way your tree looks again.

    Storm Damage Cleanup

    If a storm hits and your trees are not properly pruned, you may end up with a large number of broken branches in your yard and leaves scattered everywhere. A hanging or broken tree branch can pose a risk to your home if it falls.

    All Star Tree Service has a trained and experienced team that specializes in all types of storm cleanups from simple to severe. Our professionals will arrive at your home ready to cleanup and remove any trees that have been uprooted.

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    Stump Grinding

    When you have a tree removed from your yard, the roots and stump are left behind unless you specifically request to have it removed. At All Star Tree Service, we offer professional, quick, and efficient stump grinding services to remove that stump for good.

    Our stump grinding professionals are able to uproot your stump quickly and safely without posing any risk to surrounding trees or land. Once the stump is removed, we offer re-sodding and top soil services to smooth out the ground.

    Give us a call today to get a free estimate on your upcoming stump grinding needs.

    Tree Health Care

    Your tree’s health is important and it is not always easy to tell by simply looking at the tree whether or not it is healthy. At All Star Tree Service, we have a certified tree surgeon on staff that can provide you with the information you need to properly care for your trees.

    We offer complete tree service in Athens, AL and our tree maintenance care plans include seasonal trimmings, health checks for your tree, and more.

    Working with All Star Tree Service is a Breeze

    If you are looking for the best tree service in Athens, AL, All Star Tree Service is the answer. Working with us is easy and we always want our customers to be completely satisfied with the work that we perform.

    Our arborists are ISA certified and all of our tree experts are licensed and insured for your protection. We have over 25 years of experience in the field and why trust anyone else when you can work with the best tree company out there.

    Whether you are looking for tree topping, tree spraying, or firewood delivery, we are here for you. Call our office today to get a free estimate.