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7 Places in Huntsville, AL That Help Create an Outdoor Area for Children

7 Places in Huntsville, AL That Help Create an Outdoor Area for Children

Our children are the apples of our eyes, the lights of our lives, and all of those other great sayings that people print up and hang on the wall in their living rooms. When it comes to our children, we really do want to give them the absolute best of everything. However, there are limits to what we can realistically do for your children.

Every child dreams about having outdoor spaces that they can call their own – from sliding boards to swing sets to pools – there is just so much you can do to encourage your children to get off of their phones, away from Netflix, and actually go outside an enjoy nature. It is every parent’s dream as well.

If you need a little bit of help, these businesses in Huntsville, AL can give you the edge in having the best outdoor play space in your neighborhood.

1. John’s Jungle Jyms

Credit: John's Jungle Jyms

Credit: John’s Jungle Jyms

Let’s start with the classic: a wooden play area with swings, ladders, and a sliding board. If you are feeling extra ambitious, throw in some monkey bars. When you purchase a wooden play set, the sky is the limit. For your children, that wooden structure isn’t just a playground – it is a pirate ship, a country all its own, an island, or even a car. This type of structure not only encourages outdoor play that will have their hearts pumping, but it also engages their minds by creating scenarios.

John’s Jungle Jyms give some of the highest quality options for yards thave more natural looks. The wood is high quality and won’t fade or tarnish in the sun. They allow you to personalize the play structure so that your family can have whatever they want – from sandboxes to tic-tac-toe boards. The team at John’s is really with you from start to finish, so you won’t have to worry about any questions that you could have.

2. Backyard Adventures of Alabama

Credit: Backyard Adventures

Credit: Backyard Adventures

Let’s be honest, the house on your block that has a trampoline has always been the most popular house around.

Backyard Adventures of Alabama has a good selection of different sized trampolines and accessories, including a really great basketball net that will be fun for children of any size to practice their dunking skills. They are knowledgeable about the best options for families, based on who will be using the trampoline, where it will go, and how much room you have. The trampolines are high quality, long lasting, and safe, which is most important.

Just remember that trampolines can be on the dangerous side, so make sure you talk to the team at Backyard Adventures of Alabama, and they will give you some ground rules on how to ensure everyone stays safe.

3. Hop’s Fun Factory

Credit: Hop's Fun Factory

Credit: Hop’s Fun Factory

With fun and creative names, Hop’s Fun Factory is another great place to go for outdoor place spaces. You can choose from traditional swing-sets that have just swings and a sliding board, or you can go for the extras, like climbing walls, monkey bars, and poles. Or, you could get the different play houses that they have for sale instead.

A great part about Hop’s Fun Factory is that a lot of the structures are bare wood, which helps keep the prices lower and also helps with customization – especially the house. How cute would it be to paint a smaller house for your children to play in so that it matches your house?  The wood is pressure treated pine, and there is no arsenic present.

Hop’s delivers the playsets and helps to install them as well – even on uneven ground! The team is extremely personable and takes the time to really ensure that every part of the playground is safe and solid.

4. Country Barn Construction

Credit: Country Barn Construction

Credit: Country Barn Construction

If you like to plan ahead, Country Barn Construction could be another great place to look for outdoor playsets. From wooden boats to little houses, this place is the real deal when it comes to playsets and just about everything else they sell. They construct everything by hand, ensuring that each and every nail, screw, and slide is placed properly and safely. This is the highest of the high quality, which is great if you plan on using this area for generations to come.

You can rent to own these structures, or you can buy them outright. Just remember that they will need some time, so you should allow at least five weeks before you need it.

As an added bonus, since this one is a little further outside of Huntsville, there are a ton of other options for outdoor decor that parents will like as well.

5. Playtime

Credit: Playtime

Credit: Playtime

For interesting play equipment for commercial parks, or for a backyard that is really special, Playtime US has some of the most colorful and unique playground equipment around. If wood structures really aren’t your thing, then you might want to consider these metal options.

Many people prefer metal equipment because it doesn’t get bleached in the sun, doesn’t give splinters, and it is easier to clean. Plus they just give off a different look and allow for different games.

The team at Playtime is really knowledgeable and works with you to create the look you want for your yard. Designed and built in Alabama, purchasing from them means you are giving back to the local community.

While these are intended for commercial use, and the prices reflect that, they really would be great anywhere.

6. Dixie Playground

Credit: Dixie Playground

Credit: Dixie Playground

For a more affordable option – but maybe not as many options in terms of equipment – Dixie Playground offers up metal playground equipment. They also sell wood, plastic, and combinations of all three. The team at Dixie is really interested in creating families that are active and mobile, fighting off childhood obesity and sedentary lifestyles.

No matter what age your children are, there will be something here for you. Their products are high quality, long lasting, and just a lot of fun.

As an added bonus, Dixie Playground also sells parts to replace and fix their merchandise, which will definitely help with the longevity.

7. All Star Tree Service

tree-pruning-huntsville-alAt the end of the day, if you are looking at making a play area for your children, you want to ensure that space is as safe as possible. Falling limbs, sap, animal life, and even diseases pose a risk for children. All Star Tree Service can help you there.

Our team will help you to clear the way for play spaces of any size, from cleaning out trees and stumps to treating the trees that might be dangerous to your family. Chemicals, roots, and debris pose risks to the longevity of your play equipment as well.

All Star Tree Service will be there to work with your family as they create the outdoor play area that your family deserves.

Let All Star Tree Service Clear the Way

If you are interested in using All Star Tree Service’s team to help create a safe play area, give us a call today at 256-513-6277. We will give you a free estimate and even help you figure out just what needs to be done.

Take a look at our website to see the other services we offer – and remember that since summer is just around the corner, get outside.

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