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8 Places to Buy a Christmas Tree in Huntsville

8 Places to Buy a Christmas Tree in Huntsville

Whether you want to admit it or not, the Christmas season is around the corner. For some of us, as soon as Halloween night was over, it started. This means that you have a lot of shopping, decorating, caroling, and eating to do in the next few weeks. At some point, you are also going to have to fit buying a Christmas tree and decorating it onto your list.

This year, consider supporting local tree growers when your purchase your tree. You will get the highest quality tree this way and you might just be making someone’s Christmas a little better.

However, you can also go above and beyond and get a little unique with your tree. If you want to have more than one tree, or you can’t have a live tree,  we’ll also offer up some creative solutions.

1. Valley Christmas Tree Plantation

If you are looking for an experience when you go to purchase your Christmas tree, consider going to Valley Christmas


Credit: Valley Christmas Tree Plantation

Tree Plantation. They provide your family with a complete experience that provides all of North Alabama with some of their best Christmas memories over the last 30 years. Bring your camera, your entire family, and walk the acres of beautiful trees.

They also provide school tours, fresh wreaths, mailbox covers, center pieces, and crosses for the holiday season. Of course, many people go for the hot chocolate and the delicious hot apple cider. Your trees will be shaken as well so that it can be clean.

As far as trees go, you can choose from Virginia Pine, White Pine, Leyland Cypress and Arizona Cypress if you want to cut them, or Fraser fir.

They will open up the Friday after Thanksgiving and then 9-5 every day until Christmas.

2. Bookshelf

Credit: Bookshelf

Credit: Bookshelf

One of the more creative options to make a tree this year, whether you want to put it in a classroom or in your home, is to make a book tree. For some people, this is more fun than a traditional tree because it is crafty and fun. You can even personalize it how you wish! There are a few different tutorials on how to make a book tree, some that ruin the books and others that will allow you to read the books again.

If you don’t want to use books you already have, Bookshelf is a great place to go. It has a plethora of options in books of all genres. The books are also organized really well, especially if you need to pick books so that they are green and fit the Christmas theme.

For a book tree tutorial, look at An Extraordinary Day’s tutorial.

3. Schwerman Christmas Tree Plantation

For a taste of Christmas lore and some of the best trees you’ll ever see, try Schwerman Christmas Tree Plantation.


Credit: Schwerman

Starting in 1973 with 20,000 Virginia Pines, they have grown into a yearly tradition for many families looking for a Christmas tree in Huntsville, AL. Some of their customers are 3-generations loyal and know that if you want a tree that will last the season, you need to go to a reputable company.

You can choose and cut your own trees here, adding a little bit more magic to the season. They are open every day between Thanksgiving and Christmas, including Christmas Eve. You can choose from a real Virginia or White Pine, Leyland Cypress, or Carolina Sapphire tree.

Remember that they only take cash or check – no credit cards.

4. The Huntsville Times

Everyone always says that newspapers aren’t going to be around forever, but we are lucky enough to have an

Credit: Huntsvillle Times

Credit: Huntsvillle Times

extraordinary one right here. The Huntsville Times features all of the great local and national news that you want to know about, as well as some great feel-good pieces that will make you fall in love with your hometown. Even more importantly for this season, you’ll get full access to all of the advertisements, coupons, and specials that come along with being a subscriber.

Plus you are supporting people from around here who want to do investigative journalism and work on things that are pertinent to our area. All you really need is one issue to make more of the options for a newspaper Christmas tree, but you’ll get hooked and want more.

To see a tutorial on how to make a newspaper Christmas tree, check out Wonder How To’s tutorial.

5. High Country Christmas Trees


Credit: High Country Christmas Trees

If you want to support a newer company this year, consider High Country Christmas Trees. They’ve been selling trees in Huntsville since 1985, but they have a new location. This team has plenty of experience in the Christmas tree industry. They’ve had a location in North Carolina for 30 years. If you love Fraser Fir Christmas trees, this is the place to go.

What started as a neglected farm has turned into three farms in North Carolina and Virginia that grow healthy, fragrant, lush, and high-density trees that are the centerpiece of the Christmas holiday.

No matter what size tree you want, they’ll have something in store for you. Their trees range from 5 to 14 feet and have a range of widths. You can buy tree stand, wreath, garlands, and other accessories here as well.

6. Thornhill Tree Farms

A custom built trains, more trees than you could even imagine, the smell of pine, and Christmas music playing – what

Credit: Thornhill

Credit: Thornhill

else could you want out of your Christmas tree purchasing experience? Thornhill Tree Farms makes each purchase a special one. You’ll get to pick out and cut down your own tree with your family, and of course, the staff will be there to help you. They’ll also shake and bail your tree while you enjoy hot chocolate or apple cider.

The trees here are extremely high quality and are grown in the safest possible manner. You’ll get to choose either a Leyland Cyprus, a White Pine, a Carolina Sapphire, or a Fraser Fir. Each tree is gorgeous, but they have different looks and needs that you can talk over with a staff member.

If you look around, you’ll also find landscaping trees that you can buy as well as wreaths to purchase. Rumor has it that Santa sometimes lurks in the trees as well.

7. Gigi’s Cupcakes

Credit: Gigi's

Credit: Gigi’s

If you are having a Christmas party this year at the office or for your family, maybe you want a Christmas tree that isn’t going to last the season. If you build a Cupcake Christmas Tree, you’ll want to go with Gigi’s Cupcakes to ensure that happens. Gigi’s makes some of the best cupcakes in the area. You can choose from their wide menu of 30 different cupcakes. You can get average sized cupcakes or mini ones, depending on what you need.

They even have gluten free cupcakes if that is something you need.

Purchasing different cupcakes and making your own display is a great way to get the look of something being baked at home – but they will taste a lot better.

For information on how to build a cupcake display, check out DIY Cozy Home.

8. Shell’s Christmas Tree Farm

If you want to have over 3,000 beautiful trees to choose from, consider Shell’s Christmas Tree Farm. You’ll get to


Credit: Shell’s

walk around and choose your tree and then you can tag it. You can either cut down the tree by yourself or the staff can do that for you. They will help you get it back to the barn. The options they have include: “Virginia Pines, Leyland Cypress, Varigated Leylands, Carolina Sapphires, and Blue Ice start at $6.00 per foot. Fresh cut Northern Trees, Fraser Fir will be for sale starting Thanksgiving Day.”

You can tag on the weekends starting this weekend and cutting starts on Thanksgiving Day.

For added fun, you can take a wagon ride throughout the farm, visit Santa on one of the days he stops by, have a group by for a bon fire, and even have a photo session.

Don’t Forget Your Real Trees Too

Winter, no matter how mild it may be, is always going to be a dangerous time for your trees outside as well. Make sure you pay attention to your trees outside. Look for signs that they aren’t faring too well during this time of the year. If you plan on decorating your trees, make sure that you know if they can handle the weight of a flying Santa sleigh or a string of larger lights.

Our team at All Star Tree Service can help you take care of your trees throughout any season. Give us a call today and we can set up an appointment before the weather gets to be too bad.

Header photo courtesy of Rexness on Flickr!

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